March 25, 2010

Spring Showers

It's raining here for the second day in a row. The ground is saturated and oh-so-muddy. The skies are grey and I just want to sleep.
Puddles are everywhere. But I'm beginning to see some green. For that, I WILL BE THANKFUL!
I get to wipe Gus' paws off many times a day. He is all boy, for sure!!!!
This may not be Rick's favorite post, but I thought the pictures were sweet. I have been cutting Rick's hair at home for years. On this night, Gracie gave her first hair cut.

I didn't have my flash on, so it's a bit blurry. You get the idea though.

It's almost Easter. I've never anticipated it so much. My views are changing and I realize the importance of it more than ever. Christ came as a baby on Christmas. However, he's not a baby anymore. HE IS RISEN, for lil' ole me. That tugs my heart strings friends.

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  1. theres a face on the willow picture at the top. can you see it