March 22, 2010

woe is me!!!!

Jumpin' Jehoshaphat..... won't the weather just "let up" already? My hair is about to stand on end from frustration!!! Snow!!! It's March. It's LATE March!!!!! ENOUGH I SAY!!!!

Whew, had to get that out.

It's really been a frustrating week friends. The weather didn't help. (just in case you are wondering where my temper tantrum is coming from)

My cook top...................... well it shattered! Not good!

My cat keeps puking hair balls all over the house. I have wood floors. They cover 80% of the main level. The other 20% (for you mathematicians), is rug. Do you think Congo pukes on the wood where I could easily clean it................... NO!!! Always on the rugs! Seriously CONGO!!!!
As if that isn't enough, he keeps laying on my bed as if he's posing for a spread in PLAYGIRL. Ewwwwww!!!!! Congo, show some modesty!!!
I have raised you better than that!!

You say it's a free country? Well not as long as I buy your cat food it isn't!
Then lastly, my dog has had a violent streak of gas. We had friends over yesterday and Gus was ripe. It was so violent, we had to lock him up in his gage. People were sticking fingers in their nose so they couldn't smell him!!! Our pets have seriously hindered our social life.

and he thinks that's funny!!!!

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