October 5, 2011

Ready to Rummmmbbllleeeee!

Ian had his first away game against Cameron last Thursday.  
His team-mates take turns being Captains.  This week was Ian's turn.  

I'm not sure he was listening to the ref's instructions though, because of a mouthpiece malfunction.

A really, really bad mouthpiece malfunction!  

Alright...alright...let's shake hands so we can tackle each other!  Blah...blah...blah....yes, I will be a good sport.  Yada...yada...yada......I promise not to clobber them to hard.  La-Ti-Da........no I am not on a growth hormone!  

Let's get ready to RUMBLE!!!!!!!

Rick always stands on the side-lines as the team doc.  I always pray that he isn't needed, but it's handy having him there.  It decreases my mommy instinct to run onto the field when my babies get knocked down.   I tend to.......um.......overreact

Ian surprises me when he plays football.  Normally, he has a comfort bubble that no one is allowed into.  He's not especially fond of hugs.  However, when he's on the field, the bubble pops!!!!!  I love how he is staring down his opponent.  Nope......no bubble there.

Then, the ball is snapped and Ian rushes across the line to make his tackle.  If you had audio with these pictures, you would hear helmets clanking together and grunting.  Lots of grunting!

Looks like E-man has two or three boys on this play.

I love watching you play pigskin!  

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