October 11, 2011

Dirty Dog

Most days, Gus' life is uneventful.  
He wakes up.....
goes potty.....
eats breakfast......
has a nap......
and then begins it all again.

He is allowed an occasional car ride, a chicken flavored bone out of his treat jar, and sometimes......sometimes, he gets a bite off my plate at dinner.  

All these things are fun, however, Gus' thrill in life is when I let him out to potty......and then forget he's out there.  

You see, Gus is three years old.  In dog years, that makes him 25.  I found an online dog/human conversion table......so it MUST be true!  Often times 25 year old boys are mischievous!  Since I am now 27 (ahem) and a girl, I have left those childish things behind. 
Gus still has an onery streak.  Forgetting him outside is like an open invitation to misbehavior.  He partners in crime with his older, yet no wiser friend, Mr. T.  Or T-bone as he is also known.  They go on adventures....dreaming of being stars in a rock band....discovering skeletal remains of pre-historic dinosaur bones and treeing a raccoon.

Then the inevitable happens, the pond!  It's forbidden, therefore, enticing!!!!  It calls their names, "Gus....T-Bone.....I have water, mud, frogs and bugs"!  
Then before I can make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, they are bathing knee deep in murky stinky water.  The same water that houses loads of algae, worms, snakes, etc.  EEEEWWWW!
When they return, Gus is muddy from his chest down.  And I, his mother, get to bathe him.  During the warm months, this isn't a big deal.  I bring the doggie shampoo outside, suds him up and hose him off.  Easy peasy!  But when the weather is too cool for my pampered puppy, he gets the jetted tub.  

Is Gus fond of the jetted tub?  NO!
Do I care if Gus if fond of the jetted tub?  NO!
Do I want to bop him in the noggin with the shampoo bottle?  YES!

Now, the puppy dog look comes.  Mommy, I'm sorry that I'm a mischievious 25 year old.  

It's really tough being a dog you know?  

Ughhhh, I forgive you Gus!  Good grief!!!

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