October 12, 2011

Fall Walk

I went for a walk in the woods last week.  The same woods I went to last Fall (here is the post).  It was the same park, same time, same season, and same trail.  Yet the view couldn't have been more different.    At first I was disappointed because I thoughly enjoyed looking at the moss beds and mushrooms, but I found other things this time I didn't see before.  Leaves in every shade of red, orange and yellow and squirrels devouring mountains of acorns.  

I'm not feeling too wordy today, so I will just let you look.  
Happy Wednesday!
Happy Fall!

apple cider
autumn  apples
bonfire    boots
brown  corn

cool weather
crow crisp air
full moon
leaves  hot cocoa
fog  sweaters

Halloween  hot tea
Pumpkins    leaves

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