October 13, 2010

Homecoming 2010

Ryan, you sure are growing up.  
That's what I think when I see these pictures.  
I remember when you were a little tyke.  When you loved dinosaurs and knew everyone of them by name.  I remember having to stop 50 ft. from a stop light.  Then go VERY slowly.  Or stop, then ease forward 1 ft., then stop again.  All this, because you cried when the car stopped for longer than 5 seconds.  Since you were my first child (and I am a worry wart) I thought that I was a terrible mother if you ever cried.  This may explain some things about you now.  Just saying!!
You have know Maggie since you were in Pre-school.  (it's true, I have proof.  Wink ;)  It's sweet seeing you guys together.  

It was an Italian theme.  All the moms pitched in to help (and thank goodness they did).
We served......
Toasted Ravioli and Mozzerrela Sticks for the starter

Salad and Garlic Bread 

Meat Lasagne and Cordon Blu Pasta 
Cheesy Potatoes 

Then a wonderful chocolate dish and Texas Sheet Cake for dessert

Pinning on the corsages was quite a feat.    More people attempted than I have photographs for.

Dawn Dupy, Rick and I all tried.  Nope?  We were beginning to wonder if it was going to happen.  Then alas, Nancy, saved the day!!!!  She's handy that way!!!  I'm sure that Ryan felt like a pin cushion.

Then for the next hour, we tortured them with photos.  Photos, photos and more photos!!!!!!  By the time we were done, they were seeing spots.  They had permanant red-eye.  They were rolling their eyes and whispering mean things about us to each other.  

Sorry the lighting is terrible.  It was dark.  

This is the whole gang.  
and Gentleman.

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