October 6, 2010

Pet Day for Gus

Last Friday was Pet Day.  Gracie had talked about it for TWO WHOLE days.  She was excited!!  (and I was excited that she was easy to get out of bed that morning!)  Gus was excited that he got to go "bye-bye"!
So basically, everyone was excited!!!
Gus was REALLY excited when he saw the other dogs there.  Although he appears tough, Gus is a love bug.  He didn't bark.......... he didn't growl........... he didn't bite.  He just wanted to love them.  (Ahem..... love them a little too much. Wink-wink....... know what I mean? Ahem.)  Little embarrasing on my part. You know, since we are gathered with 24 third graders.
Anyway, moving on............
Ryan's football team is having a difficult season.  I feel bummed for them.
The temperatures are finally feeling "Fall-like".  79% of me likes it.  The other 21% misses Summer.  

I'm sure these are the last rose photos until late Spring.  That is, unless I go buy store roses.  That is unlikely though.  So, you might as well soak this up.
I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the coral colored rose.  So, I'm going to call it Coral.  All the other roses are Peace.

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