October 26, 2010

Punt, Pass, Kick (and a touchdown)

Remember when I said Ryan and Ian placed first in the local Punt, Pass and Kick competition?  Well the 2nd level (which is sectionals) was Saturday morning.  Let me say, for the record, they BOTH did very well!!!  

Ryan placed 2nd in his division.
Ian placed 1st in his.
 Ian's placement was announced first, then Ryan's.  Ian's smug, pain in the rear, little brother, look was captured right after they announced Ryan got 2nd.  
They are slightly competitive, can you tell?  Ian is usually the gopher......the punching bag........ the losing participant.  So, I tolerated a few smug looks and jabs.   
Here are the winners in each division.  If Ian places in the top 5% in Missouri, he will move on to the state finals.  Which means he will compete during the half time of the Chiefs vs. Denver game.  (crossing my fingers)  Then, if he would somehow win that........... we would fly to Hawaii for the National championships.  Ummmm, Ian..... Momma could really use a trip to Hawaii.  No pressure!!!!
 Dad was "an official" helper for the competition.  Pictured beside him is our area YMCA sports coordinator, Mr. Matt.
Ryan is wrestling with his girlfriend's little brother.  His name is Walker.  I call him Talker.  He reminds me of a shorter Ian.  I would love to squeeze his cheeks.   

Ryan's last freshman football game was last night.  THEY WON!!!!  Actually, it was the freshman Hornets 3rd straight shut-out!!!  Whoop-whoop!!!   
 I was excited for three reasons.
1. It was the last football game (that may sound terrible, but really, I've had enough football for a little while).
2. Ryan made an AMAZING touchdown pass in the in zone!!!  Did I say it was AMAZING?  That's not true, it was SUPER-DE-DUPER AMAZING!!!!!!!

3. We finished a football season with no injuries to his right arm.  You know, the pitching arm?  
I am a true blue Hornet.  Always have been, always will be.

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