October 28, 2010

Artsy Fartsy

Sometimes I feel a little "artsy fartsy".  Sometimes I want to take photos of something besides children throwing balls, kicking balls, catching balls and hitting balls.  Sometimes I want to pretend that I am an artist in France.  
Since I'm not an artist in France, I decided to wander around Rocky Ridge Farm (also known as Hillbilly Hill) and take pictures.

I really don't deserve my rose bushes.  They are completely neglected, yet they bloom and bloom and bloom.

I found more mushrooms.  LOVE....LOVE....LOVE MUSHROOMS!!!
Love to eat them.
Love to find them.
Love to look at them.
If heaven doesn't have mushrooms, I will be really sad!!!!!
 I would love to know what this is.  Our property is littered with them.  Littered in a good way.

It's very windy here today.  Like, blow the hair right off your scalp, windy.  I think it's trying to blow in a storm tonight.

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