October 30, 2010

We Love You Too T

 Sometimes I think Mr. T gets jealous of the attention we slather on Gus.  So, I shall devote an entire post to him.
 T-bone LOVES being around us (even if he is in the way).  I give him a treat every time Gus goes potty.  This is his reward for not taking Gus to the pond for a soak.  We have a unwritten rule.
Sometimes the urge to rebel is greater than the reward not to.  So....... they disobey........ and go soak!!!
T-bone ALWAYS knows when you are disappointed in him.  He sulks!!!  His face nearly falls to his paws!!!
Gus, on the other hand, doesn't care.  He has sin in his heart.... and NO desire to repent!

As I'm writing this, I'm thinking, why is Gus the favorite?
Oh yeah, I remember why.  T-bone slobbers, Gus doesn't.

I do love you T-bone.

1.  I love when you aren't wiping your drool all over my leg.

2.  I love when you race my car down the driveway.

3.  I love that you quit every time I pass you.  You're just like the monkeys, you'll play as long as you win.

4.  I love that you scare salesman away.

5.  I love that you wouldn't hurt them if your life depended on it.  

6.  I love that you would hurt them if they hurt your family.

7.  I love that you sleep on the steps in the garage.  You don't feel the need to move when we walk out of it.  So........... we step over you.

8.  I love that you wear a man's belt for a collar.

9.  I love that I don't have to bathe you when you get in the pond.

10. I love that you are afraid of thunderstorms, Congo the cat, and gun-shot.  (I don't love that you're afraid, it just seems funny that you are)

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  1. I would love to meet T-bone. He sounds like a big teddy bear!