October 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Ricky-Poo!!!

I'm a little late, but I wanted to honor my husband on his birthday.  So, I compiled a top 20 list of things I love about him.

Why I love you............
1.  You make my coffee and bring it to me when I'm getting ready for church on Sunday mornings.

2.  You and Gracie went to see "Secretariat" all by yourselves because you wanted special time with her.

3.  You call me from work at least twice a day.

4.  You send me flowers often.

5.  You make it to all the kids activities.  Even if it means you have to take time off work (and you're their biggest fan)
6.  You rub my feet while we watch tv together.

7.  When we go into a store, you open the door for me.  You have done this for me for so long that I     sometimes don't realize it.  I'm going to purposefully pay more attention.

8.  You encourage me to be a stay-at-home mommy.  I'm so thankful that it is as important to you as it is to me.

9.  You are bashful in public but love having friends and family over.  I think that you would entertain every weekend if we had the time.

10. You are a human calculator.  When you're around, I never have to do math.  (and that's a good thing!)

11. After 17 years, we still have "date nights".  They aren't as often as you and I would like.  Yet they are still important to us.  We always have so much fun when it's the two of us.

12. You love traveling.  When our monkeys are gone, it's our dream to do LOTS of traveling.

13. You are a big kid.  You love playing basketball in the driveway, pulling the kids behind the 4-wheeler in the snow, buying lots of fireworks on the 4th of July, and playing "The Bigs" on PS3.

 14.  You're such a good coach to our children.  If you're not coaching, you're helping.  It makes me really proud that you are so invested in our children.

  15.  You have a big heart.  You are willing to give your time and your talents to others.

16.  You make sure we travel every year as a family.  These vacations have become very important to all of us.  We all have lots of precious memories of the places we have been.  

17.  I love that you are a big goofball!
18.  I love that sometimes you watch "Top Chef Desserts", "The Real Housewives of New York City", and "American Idol" just for me.  

19.  I love that when we go to bed, you put your foot on my leg.  You've always done that.  

20.  I love that you have given me three beautiful children.  I'm proud of what a good daddy you are.

21.  I love that I had no problem coming up with 20 things that I love about you.

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