December 4, 2009

Kids say the darndest things......

It's 11:31 p.m.
Every bone in my body wants to be sleeping right now.

I woke up dragging this morning and I still am. I'm waiting to put Ryan's basketball uniform in the dryer. Then dreamland, here I come!!!

By the way.....who invented 9:00 games in towns a hour away? Duh? Someone has to be off their rocker. That means that I get to drag myself out of bed again and take my monkey to the team bus. WOE IS ME!!! (I'm dabbing my eyes with a Kleen-x)

I wanted to show you a couple pictures of Gracie-Lou-Whoo. She went to a birthday party last night at a beauty salon. They got up-do's, and nails painted, and make-up. (I wanted to go to this party). I wish I had video of Gracie prancing around afterwards. She had her hand on her hip and "the walk". The walk that says, "I know I'm gorgeous!!" She whispered in my ear during the basketball game, "All the boys are staring at me"! Oh my!

The back......

That is better than what she said at the last home game. We overheard her talking to a friend. Gracie mentioned, "Not telling my mom". That always perks my ears up!!! So, I calmly asked her, "Gracie, what do you not want her to tell me?" Long story, short. Gracie was not confessing! Nope, she wouldn't tell!! I tried to convince her with not one, but two, spankings in the school's bathroom. Nearly 20 minutes later, she finally confessed. She said, "C...R...A...P"! Not the other four-letter word that means the same thing. Just CRAP.

So, I'm biting my cheeks. It's really hard not to laugh sometimes. But rules are rules. We don't say CRAP in this house. You can say FART, TOOT, POOP, and DUMP......but not CRAP!!!! By the way, I cringe when I hear any of those words. We have just drawn the line at CRAP. The girl is going to turn my head gray!!!!!

So, in case you were wondering.....? This is the type of post I write at 11:30 p.m. .

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