December 28, 2009

sleddin'..... Smith style

Snow, snow....... and more snow!!!!
Do you remember me asking for Christmas snow?........ well someone must have a sense of humor, because snow I GOT!!!!!

There are different types of snow in my opinion.
1: wet snow- this is when the heavens cannot decide whether it wants to rain or snow....... so, it does both. This snow usually makes DELIGHTFUL snowmen! (and snowballs)

2. dry snow - this snow falls from the sky like baby powder. It won't stick together, so snowmen and snowballs are out of the question.

The snow that came last weekend was a 3rd type. I call it.........

3. crazy snow - this snow likes to fly. It comes down sideways, then does twists in the air, somersaults, and backflips. It doesn't want to lay on the ground all by itself. So it joins the other flakes in "the drift". "The drift" can have so many flakes in it that it covers small-ish bulldogs and children. "The drifts" around our house were up to my knees.

I love crazy snow!!!!! Crazy snow has attitude!!! Personality!!!
Rick agreed to pull the kids on sleds behind the 4-wheeler. We did this when the kids were much smaller. Ian hit a bump, flew through the air and landed on his nose. His nose bled. Ian doesn't like blood. Blood confirms that there is an injury. It has been a few years though and he has (mostly) forgotten. So he agreed to do it again.

My man is under all those layers. Do you see him?

Ian fell off the sled. No bloody nose this time. He wants back on. Yeah!!!!!!!

There was only one minor injury this time.
Ian and Gracie flew off their sled during a sharp turn. Ian landed on Gracie and her face was smashed in the snow. It wasn't really an injury, but more a discomfort. There were tears, but they were short lived.

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