December 3, 2009

I'm bacccckkkk!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls........

I am surfin' again. YIPPPPEEEEEEE!!!

Our hughesnet tech came out at 8:45 this morning. It's 1:55, and he just left!!!! Dang, that seems like a long time to me.

Besides, I was out of laundry soap, so I couldn't do that.
I hadn't showered, but he was in the bedroom. That won't do.
I wanted to organize the basement but I was out of tubs.

So what did I do? I texted friends who have jobs and told them I was bored. I began the Christmas favors for Gracie's classroom. I ironed two pairs of Rick's pants. I talked to the tech about his bird. Then I sniffed him. I sniffed him because I thought he was trying to burn the house down. Turns out, I was. I lit a candle this morning that was through being lit. It decided to smoke us out of the bedroom. So after a few windows were opened and the fans were turned on, things began to calm down. Except that Gus kept sniffing his leg. The tech didn't like that much. Not sure why? I thought EVERYONE liked Gus. The tech. started saying things like "stop that", "that tickles", then he started getting grouchier and said, "Get away", "GET!!". I guess someone got up on the wrong side of the bed.
Come on Gus, let's go in the other room. Leave "the mean man to his work".
Boomer has a new name. It's Abraham Israel. I like that. It makes me want to sing......."Father Abraham, had many sons. Many sons, had Father Abraham. I am one of them and so are so.
Today was a day of firsts for the babies. They met Gus for the first time. Then said hey to their Daddy. They stepped on the grass for the first time. And pottied on the grass. Then pottied again and again and again. It was almost like they were thinking. "Where has this stuff been all my life. I LOVE pottying on grass!!!!"

They took their first ride in the car.

I rounded up four fat puppies this morning and took them to the vet. The Dr. put them in a tub, weighed it then divided it by four. Guess how much those Stinkers weigh? 14.7 pounds average. By golly, that's alot of puppy. They all got their second worming and their first round of shots. All the girls at the clinic were ooogling and smoochin' on them. I don't blame them. I get lots of smooches too.

We are getting ready to head to Ryan's basketball game tonight. They are still undefeated!!! (knock on wood). They are playing a hard team tonight, so, we'll see.

I'm so glad that we are able to visit again.

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