December 14, 2009

Family Time

Gracie was a little under the weather this morning, so she stayed home with mommy. We weren't able to go to Ryan's basketball game last night. Which disappointed both Gracie and I (for completely different reasons) Anyway, she was worried that she wouldn't be able to go to school again today. When I went upstairs this morning to check on her, this is what she said......

Me: Good morning Gracie

Gracie: Good morning Mom

Gracie: Do you know how I feel?

Me: Good?

Gracie: Like a daffodil.

Me: Really, why because you are pretty?

Gracie: No, because daffodils feel good.

So today, Gracie is a daffodil. I love daffodils.

As mentioned a few days ago. We took the kids to the city for a day of musicals, shopping, and dinner.
This is what my kiddos look like when we travel. They have blank expressions. Mouth hanging open. Sometimes they smile randomly. They aren't in a coma........

They are just in their own little world. I believe this might be "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" world. It's a different world every trip.
Dear ones, this store nearly stopped my heart. I browsed, ooggled, and drooled while my husband and two sons followed me. They didn't want to be there. I felt it too! I occasionally heard a deep sigh. Whispers between them. Then the looks, oh the looks they gave. Most times, I cave in. OK, let's go. But no, no, no, not this time. I'm going to enjoy myself. I'm going to look at clothes I will never buy. I'm going to pick up dishes and feel comfortable bedding and pretend I'm entertaining guests at the lavishly decorated tables. I AM STAYING!!!! and I'm NEVER leaving.
Oh wait, my tummy is rumbling. OK, I am staying in here for another 15 minutes, THEN we will leave!!!!
I was snapping pictures inside the store. Trying not to be noticed by the employees. (I was worried they would think I was strange. They probably thought, "Why don't you BUY the stuff instead of taking pictures of it.) I didn't care. I was snap, snappin' away.
Can I live in this store? Do you think they would mind?
Be still my heart!!!!!
Thou shall not covet, thou shall not covet, thou shall not covet.........
The sweet lady that was greeting customers offered to let me take a picture of Gracie with the snowman. (hehe she didn't know that I had already taken a gazillion pictures...... shhhhhh!)
If you look closely at Gracie's foot, you will notice that she is IN the fake snow!
1. fake snow is hard to get out of shoes
2. eight year old girls do not like anything in their shoes
3. hungry husbands and brothers do not care if sister has snow in her shoe.
It's a rainbow of beauty. Beauty that would look lovely in my kitchen cabinets.

After my shopping episode, we went to dinner. Which was across the street on the Plaza. It was called "Capital Grille". This is Rick and my favorite place to eat. However, we cannot do it often because it's hard on the pocketbook. Especially when your monkeys order king crab, chilled shrimp, Shirley temples, and calamari, crab cakes, and such. (note: no french fries, hamburgers, or chicken strips were on the menu........ yeah!!!! Mission accomplished)
Rick ordered "the Delmonico". Which is a fancy word for steak. It was wonderful, he shared a bite with me. I had sea bass. Which was also wonderful.
Ian ordered king crab with drawn butter. (Is your mouth watering yet?)

Gracie had shrimp pasta with a cheese sauce.

Ryan had crab cakes

I also had a martini, which made me start to giggle.

I wanted to take more pictures. However the lighting was very dim. Folks, my camera flashes like a strobe light in dim lighting. People were staring at me. They were shielding their eyes. They were giving dirty looks. They were thinking, who is this redneck that's taking pictures of her kids eating. Needless to say, I didn't take many photos. The next time we go to McDonalds, where the lighting is bright, I will take lots of pictures for you.
Ryan had some sort-of chocolate-ie deliciousness!!!!!

Gracie had a piece of cheesecake (which ties as her favorite dessert with ice-cream)
I had coconut cream pie (which was the strangest coconut cream pie I've ever had)
Rick had espresso chocolate cake.
Ian, oh poor Ian. He looks forward to dessert like some look forward to Christmas. He ordered a ice-cream cookie. He ordered this because the waitress said it was a big portion. It wasn't a chewy soft cookie/ice-cream sandwich. It was a hard crunchy cookie/ice cream sandwich. By the time he finally broke the cookie apart, the ice-cream had melted. It was a small disaster. I offered him mine. Nope, he had his heart set on an ice cream sandwich. Nothing else was even close to appealing. So, maybe I will buy him a box of them when I go to the store.

Tomorrow I will try to post pictures of our church, "It's Not Your Birthday". Fun times!!!!!

After a while, crocodile!!!!

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