December 13, 2009

Linus Christmas Monologue

Can I be open...... honest..... frank?

I am struggling with Christmas this year. I'm not struggling to find the right gift or the right Christmas tree.

I feel a little like Charlie Brown.

I normally love decorating my house, yet this year..... not so much!!!! I usually love the weather, the music, the trimmings. I just feel like a grinch. A Scrooge.

Anywhoo.... My shopping is nearly done. My house is as decorated as it will be. My Christmas cards are made, but not addressed and sent. Things are moving along as if everything is normal. The only thing different is my heart. I am going to pour myself into scripture this season and see if I find it. Because, my friends, that is truly where it is. Christmas is scripture. It's Jesus. It's the sacrifice. It's the hope.

Jesus isn't a baby anymore. If he was, then he couldn't have payed our price. This season, I'm going to try to think of him as young man. A young man who ministered, inspired and sacrificed. For me, my husband and my monkeys. For everyone that I hold dear.

With Love,

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