December 7, 2009

Gus names him George

Please bear with me friends. I won't be able to post puppy pictures much longer. I just hate to deprive you of all this cuteness!
Gus finally found some friends that he is bigger than. It's so ironic. Our three biggest puppies were afraid of him. However, our smallest (Pumpkin), loved him.

Boo-Boo and Spook are wondering what in the world THAT is!!!!!

Pumpkin snuggling Guster

Gus is saying, "Just what I always wanted, a furry friend!" I will name him George, and I will hug him and pet him and squeeze him.....
and rub him and caress him and......
pet him some more and I will chase him and bark at him and bite him and.......
keep him up all night snoring.

You probably noticed the snow in the pictures. Our first snow of fall/winter 09. Isn't the first snow fun? It's the third through 20th snow that I don't like. I think, by law, it should only snow the week of Christmas.....then.......STOP!!! Then after January, the thermometer needs to climb to 75 to 85 degrees. Should I start a petition?

I thought that you would enjoy these funnies. You may have to click them to read what they say.

I'm off to clean house and fold laundry. Yeah me!!!!!!

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