December 17, 2009

Our Christmas festivities at church

(yawn) I'm feeling a little under the weather today fwends. It started yesterday afternoon. A few aches, a tinkle in my throat and an occasional (ahhhh-chooooo). It cannot get me down though. Too many things to do. So, I'm going to pop four Motrin and click my heals three times.

In the Fall of 2008, I was asked to co-lead a 6th grade girls group with my friend/sista, Nancy. Her and I accepted. Neither of us have children in this age group and that was the deal maker for me. I believe that it is easier to mentor these girls when I don't have the instinctual "motherly nagging" attached. We wanted them to feel comfortable coming to us if they needed advise, help or spiritual guidance.

This is our second year with these girls. I have learned as much as them. We meet every Wednesday evening from 6:00 to 7:00 pm. I'm so glad that I accepted this mission. I thought that you might like me to introduce you to the girls. So, without further a-do.............

Miss Morgan is funny!!!! Sometimes Nancy and I's jaws drop to the floor after she says something. We look at each other for a few seconds, then bust out laughing. Morgan is full of surprises and drop-dead honest!!!!! Like it or not.
Miss Heidi is so funny. Her and I share a few things in common......
1. We both love taking pictures
2. We are both animal nuts
She has a quick witt. I like that about her.
Miss Bailey tells it like it is. I admire her boldness and fun nature. She is never afraid to try something new.
Ali is our princess. She loves designer purses, clothes, and shoes. She is our fashion-ista and dancing angel. I relate to Ali because I am a fashion wanna-be.
Miss Carly...... my super sweet Carly. Carly sings like an angel. Her eyes sparkle when she smiles. She is smart and kind. I {heart} Carly!!!!

Sydney....... she says "like" 20 times in each sentence and talks super fast. She is high energy and she makes me feel young again.
Miss Kayla is super sweet. I would describe her as very serious. She loves reading and I could certainly see her writing a novel someday.

Last night we drove to Carly and Heidi's grandma and grandpa's home. The house was decorated with 120 + santas. I know this because we played a game where we had to count them. They let us use her gorgeous Christmas dishes. Then we ate her wonderful fondue. Oh my. I ate waaaay to much fondue. I seriously could have ate the fondue like soup. Yummo! The girls all loved it too.
Left to right: Carly, Morgan, Kayla, and Ali

Ali and Sydney
Heidi and Bailey

Carly and me.
With all those personalities, do you blame me for enjoying my Wednesdays? What a fun mixture of girls.

I told you guys the other day that I would post photos of "It's Not Your Birthday". Here they are.......
Each "host" had to decorate their own table and invite their guests. You cannot believe all the beautiful tables that filled our church. Nearly 300 people filled our Christian Life Center. It was an amazing, God-filled night of worship.
The Mitchell's, were our guests
as were my Grandma and Grandpa
Ryan and Carter are being goofy.

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