February 3, 2010

recent obsessions

A few random things that are happening in my life right now.

I'm so excited about the launch of this movie, I can hardly stand it!!!!!!

check out the white mascara. SWEET!!!!

I am doing this Bible study for the next 10 weeks. Actually 7. I am into week 3. Good stuff if you have the opportunity.

Beth Moore's new book came out yesterday. Probably going to own it soon.
Tell me....... what woman doesn't struggle with insecurity?

This is my theme for today! (and probably EVERY day)

I've been taking lots of pictures of the sky. It totally amazes me.

I took this while driving down the road. Does that scare you? It's probably not a good idea.

But look at the beauty friends. Ahhhhhhhhh!

I've been listening to Steven Curtis Chapman's "Beauty Will Rise".

and the polar opposite to the above CD, Lady GaGa

Happy Wednesday!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite-ist people in the whole wide world!!!! PaPa!!!!!

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  1. He is such a good man. I,m proud to call him Dad, and of course Bob Bob