February 25, 2010

Through The Eyes of Gracie

Yesterday didn't start off so well.

I was doing my "normal" morning ritual. Pry my backside out of bed. STRETCH!!!!!!!!! Let the dog out to potty. Then go herd the monkeys out of their cozy beds. Ryan and Ian are usually first. (although I never have to wake Ian up, he gets up with the roosters. He is usually dressed and reading when I go upstairs.) Then I make a right hand turn to Gracie's room. When I said, "rise and shine". She said, "My tummy hurts mom". I embarrassingly mistook this for, I don't want to go to school. Boy did I learn my lesson quickly when she ran to the bathroom vomiting! Eeekk!!! Needless to say, Gracie got to stay home.

Normally when one of the kids are sick, it's a snuggle day. However, I am knee-deep into a painting project in Ian's room. So, she took in a lot of TV time yesterday. I feel so guilty about that.

Anywhoo, after 12:00 p.m. she started feeling much better and was bored out of her mind. So I gave her my camera and said "snap away". (Her only rule was, no mommy pictures. No make-up, black paint in the hair, not pretty!!!)

I think for 8 years old, she did a fab job. All the photos below are Gracie's. She would love for you to comment below and tell her how wonderful she did.
Gus standing at the back door. This usually means, "I need to potty".
These are crosses hanging on the wall in the hall bathroom. Gracie said she liked their design. (gasp........ she IS my child!!!!!)
Our deck. Or what used to be our deck!
Yes, this is pretty Gracie!!!
Her Waterford crystal horse that Aunt AltaLou gave her.

A pretty rock. Notice that she balanced the rock in one hand and the bulky camera in the other. Very impressive!!!!
Congo Bongo laying on my Bible bag.
This maybe my favorite photo of all. Not because it's the best photograph that she took, but because she staged it. She came into my room and asked to borrow my phone. When I asked why she said because it would look good next to the flower. By golly, Gracie, it does. What an eye for details, I must say.......

I hope that you enjoy my budding artist. I'm off to the dentist today. Hopefully he'll fix the achy tooth I've tolerated for months.


  1. She has her mommy's eye. What could we name your studio that you and her will have someday. Hmmmm. I'll have to think about it. Gracie, I'm very impressed with your pictures. I think you should frame some for gifts. That would be fabulous!!!!!!

  2. Hi Gracie!

    Your pictures are really, really good! My favorite is the pink flowers next to the phone on your mommy's bed. That is soooo pretty!