February 22, 2010

Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland

It's the most BEE-U-TIFUL snowgirl I have ever seen!!!!!
Rhino is up to something!!! Hopefully he isn't eating yellow snowballs!!!!

This is the 246th snow of Winter 09-10.

Slight exaggeration!!!
It snowed and snowed and snowed yesterday!!!!! I was beginning to think that we needed to build an ark. Oh wait, that was rain!!! Nevermind!!! The fact is I haven't seen this much snow since........ maybe EVER!!!!! Gus has that "help me Jesus" look!!!!!
Ian decided to make the most of it and shoot some snowballs. Say that five times fast!!!!!
My husband is increasing his tractor search now since ours got stuck numerous times in the snow!!!! I've always teased Rick....... bigger/better/faster.
I cannot wait to take pictures of blooming flowers from this angle in the Spring. Melt snow, melt!!!!!!
Remember the movie "The Incredible Journey". For some reason this photo reminds me of that.
This is how Gus gets around in the deep snow. It comes mid-tummy to him. Imagine for a moment how you would get around in snow that came to the middle of YOUR tummy. My heart went out to him. We (my children) scooped a path for him so he could potty.
Imagine again what it would be like to try to potty in snow that came to the middle of YOUR tummy. Not pretty!!!!
Ian and Gracie decided to make another snowman. We have made more snowmen this Winter than the last 10 combined.

Such cuteness!
Again, such cuteness!!!!!
I took a little walk. I probably burned 1,000,000 calories. Between the chin-deep snow and the 40 pound boots I had on.
This is the path to our bottom ground! I was hoping to find a group of deer or turkey.
Instead I found our dog who is the size of a deer.

This is a creek that runs through our property.

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