February 9, 2010

Part 1 & 2


Last night was............ FAMILY GAME NIGHT!!!!!!


I opted to clean the kitchen while my men and "the princess" played. (and of course, I took pictures)

The game was Yahtzee. Possibly the worst game in all of mankind. (in my opinion) For some reason when I play, it makes me want to have an anxiety attack. I guess it's all the numbers....... and the pressure to roll properly. Ughhh!!! I can't handle it!!!!!

My "little Princess" has MAD Yahtzee skills. She won both games!!!! Not only did she win, she won by a landslide!!!!


I normally don't take photos of our dinner. Especially dinners that are this unimpressive!!!
Believe it or not, this dinner was special and a complete family effort.

It was M dinner.......

Musselman's applesauce (that's stretching it, huh?)
Macaroni & cheese
and............ broccoli ( we couldn't find a veggie that started with a M)

If you scroll back up to the top of the post, you will notice Ryan has an air soft gun in front of him.
So, these pictures are from the following night. Yet, the same air soft gun.

Dinners can get out of hand in our house, but really....... you have to bring a gun?

By the way, men named air soft guns. They named them so mom's would say, "Oh, it's an air-SOFT gun". "It couldn't hurt my young-uns if it's an air-SOFT gun."

WRONG!!!!!! It's a huge marketing ploy. Don't be fooled!!!

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