February 19, 2010

No Love Like Gnome Love

Good day friends,

I just sent my monkeys to school. The house is quiet.......

That's good.

Cause I have a roaring headache!!!!

It feels a little like this.........

I have absolutely nothing interesting to share with you today. So I'm going to keep it short, simple and maybe a little random. Random means off the wall/crazy/anything!!! (note: that is my definition, not Webster's) So here goes.........


All sizes, shapes, ages, and colors. They make me happy when I look at them. They make me wonder what they do at night when everyone is sleeping.

Do they hide the mates to my socks?

Do they spill water on the floor?

Do they leave the lid up on the toilet?

These are a few from my NEW collection. I cannot resist them. They make me happy.

My heart is yearning for weather that produces this loveliness.


1 comment:

  1. Mandy,

    It is the lack of soda.....I too am suffering "the" headache!!!