February 7, 2010

Manic Mondays

I've been reading this book to Gracie on the nights Rick works in the ER.

Long ago I read it to the boys. Gracie was just a wee little thing. I assumed that she would now appreciate the story of a young girl in a magical world even MORE than the boys. Especially since the movie is coming to theatres soon.


While reading the chapter "A CAUCUS-RACE AND A LONG TAIL", Gracie interrupted me to explain that she might be losing her tooth soon. She thought that might illicit a trip to the dentist. We carefully took care of that concern and I began reading again.............

"Mom". "It's really hard to concentrate on three books at once", Gracie informed me.

She explained that Mrs. Scott is reading a book at school. She is reading a book herself. Now I'm reading a book. (sigh)

I took the hint.
I had hopes for a "Mad Hatter" tea party for her birthday. Can I safely assume that is NOT going to happen?
A game of croquet after the tea party would have been divine.
The food would be labeled "drink me", "eat me", we could make a kiddie pool of "Alice's Tears".
The ideas are limitless........

Gracie, pppplllleaaaassseee!

She is quite independent. It won't be easy to change her mind.

Last year she wanted all her friends to bring their bicycles to Kansas City and ride them in a park. Oh my!!! We opted for a girl's night in the city. Without bicycles.

Gracie is very into braiding her American Girl doll's hair.

Sometimes, she styles her OWN hair before school. I slip her teacher a note that explains "I didn't do it!"

Ian is reading these books.....................

He almost always has a book in his hands.

That makes mommy happy.

He also finished up his science fair experiment and board. I sure dread that time of year. If you have even had a child do one, you know what I mean. For one thing, they are tedious. Details, details, details!!!!!

The title for Ian's is......

"The Effect of Coke Products on the Temperature of the Boiling Point".

See what I mean?

Ryan's science fair experiment was selected to go to regionals. However the porportions of the original board aren't correct. So, we get to do it again. Lord have mercy!!!!!

It seems like I run 90 to nothing all the time, yet get nowhere? Do any of you ever feel that way? I often wonder why God didn't make moms with more arms? We might look awfully funny, but it sure would be handy!!!!!

Well, it's 11:30 p.m. and my eyes are burning!!! I'm going to curl in bed and hopefully get a much needed rest.

Happy Monday fwends!!!!!

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