February 3, 2010

Laundry frightens me

I have nightmares that my laundry will suffocate me during the night. The shirts, socks, underwear, and pants take form. They walk "zombie like" towards me (arms straight in front of them, knees locked, and rocking side to side in a forward motion).

Laundry seems to breed in our house.

It multiplies like bunny rabbits.

I'm certain that I wash clean clothes. I have no way to prove this however. My kids will argue till they turn blue.

THE KIDS: "Huh-uh!!! I wore that.......... remember?" (they usually make up a day they wore it)

ME: "No, my love, I don't remember you wearing your swimming trunks in the snow, but if you say so."

Then, on top of that, I have a dog under my feet. (ahem) Gus? Then Congo, oh my beloved Congo.........

He is a monstrous pest while I'm folding. He takes off with the already paired socks and hides them. Knocks over my neatly folded piles and gets cat hair on my black work-out pants. He also likes squeezing his body into small places. (shoe boxes, suitcases, & LAUNDRY BASKETS)

He thinks I cannot see him. He thinks that he is invisible. He thinks that I love him too much to pop him on the bottom.

He looks so content and comfortable.

What do ya do?

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