February 16, 2010

Baby feet

As I promised you, Gus eating his treat........

You must wonder if I'm running out of things to say?

No, not really. I always have lots to say. It's just that I thought Gus eating his treat would be more eventful.

It wasn't.
Sorry folks.

But I do have something to share that IS eventful.......... MORE TITUS PICTURES!!!!!!

It's so nice having a baby again in the family. Here are a few pictures of Titus from our recent trip to his house.

Gracie is a wonderful baby holder. She is gentle and sings lullaby's.

Ryan is also a super baby holder. However he isn't so keen on bottle feeding. Look at Ryan's hands compared to Titus'. Oh my!!!

I have great pictures of Ian with him but I cannot figure out how to get them off my phone. I will work on that.

His legs are so tiny. Well, everything about him is tiny. I was trying to do a wanna-be photography session with him. Titus had other ideas though.

He was hungry.
He wanted us to know that he was hungry.

So instead of baby bums, I took pictures of baby feet. The next best thing!!!!

ahhh! So precious!!!!

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