February 4, 2010

Titus Robert Scott

I've been having a twinge of regret about Rick getting a ....... you know (snip-snip). I told him soon after Gracie was born that he couldn't come within 10 feet of me until he went to the doctor. (I just wrote that, didn't I?)

We have three BEE-u-tiful children, right? Wouldn't it be best if we made that an even number? Hummmm? (I'm thinking.................)

(laughing) Temporary moment of insanity friends. NO WAY!!!!!! NOT POSSIBLE!!!!!! NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!!!!

I will gladly dote on nieces, nephews, cousins and my friends children. No more for this chick-a-dee.

Soooo, guess who I smooched on yesterday? The newest branch on the family tree. Titus Robert Scott. He was 7 pounds of sweet smelling baby goodness. I sniffed him, talked to him, smiled at him, and told him secrets about how strange our family was.

Someone has to warn the poor child!!!!!

He wasn't alarmed at all. As a matter of fact, my stories made him laugh.......see?
Oh my goodness. Don't ya just wanna smooch all over him?
Macy is his big sister. She will do a mighty fine job of protecting him, I'm positive. After all, she is friends with Spiderman and Batman.

We hoped that Titus would be born on Feburary 3rd.

That is his PaPa Bob's birthday.

Titus' middle name is in honor of his PaPa Bob.

However, Titus had other ideas. So he came into this world 45 minutes after the 3rd of February was over.

That's okay. It's nice to have your own day, right?

I didn't tell you this yesterday, because I forgot. You are supposed to call me Aunt Mandy. Even if you are my second cousin. Because........ I like the sound of Aunt better. Besides, I love you more like an Aunt than a second cousin. Is that alright with you? Oh good!!!!!

With much love,
AUNT Mandy

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