January 31, 2010

I'm a little warped

Rick drives on U highway every day he goes to Carrolton. It makes me giggle. Sometimes he will call from his cell phone to tell me where he is. I chuckle when he says, "I'm on U"...... or "getting on U".

I don't think he finds it as humorous as I do...... so I giggle to myself.

This is the highway we live on........... Z
When I give my address on the phone, I always say Z, as in zebra. Otherwise they send it to T highway.

Or D

or B

or C

or E

or G

shall I continue? Lots of letters rhyme with Z.

Rick also works in a town called Hale, MO on Thursday afternoons. I like it when he says, "I'm going to Hale"....... or "I'm in Hale" or....... I'm working in Hale.

Do you get it? Hale?

Please tell me that you find it funny also? I'm somewhat demented, but that's hilarious friends. Right?

Gus thinks it's funny.

He's laughing on the inside.

He's laughing so hard that it hurts.

See...... I told you!!!!!

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