January 14, 2010

Praying for Haiti

My heart has been so heavy this week for Haiti. Golly, how do you wrap you mind around 100,000+ dead? I don't know about you, but I cannot!

It's so easy to forget about since it didn't happen on American soil. However, let's not forget that we are fellow sojourners. Temporary residents of this crazy, crazy world. Brought together because we have a wonderful and merciful God. We are all God's people (whether or not they recognize their heritage).

Whatever your faith friends, please remember these people. Give how you can. Whether in financial support, mission or prayer.

My husband and son had arranged a trip to Haiti in July. A team was assembled from our church and Rick was going to provide medical mission for the people. The town is called Montrouis. It is a coastal city. Very, VERY poor.

Below is a letter from American friends who live in Montrouis.
Dear Friends:
Here is an update....you will not believe the devastation in Port
au Prince...but as previously
reported, we are fine and remain strong in The Lord. .keep praying for the people. We had
another aftershock at 1:15AM this morning. Pray that God will kill this thing and no more
quakes of any kind...buildings continue to crumble in Port
au Prince due to poor building
methods...But we thank our God that this building rocked and rolled but no damage. The
Boss Mason,
Lexes John Pierre ate with us this morning and we all celebrated with him how
strong he and his men built this building that has kept us safe.

We now know some houses have crumbled here in
Montrouis...we will be working with the
church Pastors to bring relief not only here but in Port
au Prince...but it is our policy so you
will know, we go through the Pastors and their churches to meet needs.

You can help by sending ANY AMOUNT of money to House Of Bread...P.O. Box 733,
Chillicothe,Mo...64601...mark your check "Haiti Earthquake".

At this time all telephone communications are out of service. Pray our e mail stays with us.
We just bought new
Digicel Phones and now learned the Digicel main office in Port has been
flattened...gone...we have our
Haitel nbr which may work latr...you can try if you want...it is
011-509-3-567-0361....but the best right now is e mail.

Some of our staff including Pastor
Rigaud have left for Port au Prince to try and check on and
find their family members...pray for them and their safety.

One thing we know and that is diesel fuel may become very scarce. we need it to pump water
and keep our batteries charged..pray we can find it when we need it.

Power is off in Port and we understand the International Airport is closed...but apparently some
military aircraft from the U.S. and other countries are using the facility...U.S. Coast Guard Cutters
have begun to arrive by sea.

Gayle and another nurse have gone out to see what people need around us. We are providing good
water thanks to many of our partners. It turned a little cloudy yesterday when we were pumping
for the people and this morning also...but it has now cleared up.

learnd of a miracle and how God protects his people...Harrington Rigaud, Pastor Andrea's
brother lives in Port
au Prince. This apartment house he lives in is now rubble...but guess what
was'nt in the building...Praise God....Love In Christ...Jim and Gayle...Haiti
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