January 5, 2010


Last Saturday Dana, Logan, Gracie, Ian and I headed to the city. Logan had a gift certificate to the Build-a-Bear-Workshop. Yeah!!! Gracie, Ian and I gladly helped him spend his money.

Me: "Logan, Look at these sunglasses"!
Gracie: "Logan, a fluffy tutu"!
Ian: "Here is a MU costume"!
Dana: "Look at those shoes"!

He made some very fine choices. All by himself!!! He opted for a adorable puppy that he named Buddy. Buddy was soft.....and cuddly. He was so stinkin' cute.

Is it weird that I am 34 and want to make animals at build-a-bear?
These were adorable. But I'm more of a Theodore fan.
Who could go wrong with Hello Kitty......... HELLO!!!!!
Luke, "I am your father"!!!!
If I stuffed an animal. I would stuff an owl. I love owls.
Gracie would have made this one.
After working up an appetite at BABW, we headed to Bravo. Logan and Ian had pizzas bigger than their heads.
Ian wouldn't get near me.
Ian hates his picture taken.
Ian would rather have a flu shot.
Gracie loves pictures.
Gracie is a ham.
Gus is indifferent.
He wants to sleep.
He works hard all day.
He deserves rest.

Cute tongue, huh?
The more he relaxes, the further it sticks out. He was only half relaxed here.

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