January 10, 2010

Happy Anniversary

one year...........

12 months.......

52 weeks.........

365 days.........

525,600 minutes ago

I began my blog.

January 10th, 2009 I sat before my keyboard...... and started pecking!!!!!!

This blog has served more than one purpose for me.
1. It gives my friends and family current photos of the monkeys. (I'm not so great about sending pictures)

2. It helps me document all the "little nothings" that I'm positive I'd forget.

3. It helps me take more photos.

*bonus: I'm discovering that people I barely know are reading about our crazy life. That's awesome!!!!

So............ Happy first anniversary "mommyofthree"

Okay, I'm going to throw some pictures on this blog that may not be for the weak-of-stomach. I've had these pictures for over a week. I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Then I began thinking...... I'm all about preserving memories, right? I'm not sure that I want to remember this, but I'm afraid the scar on my finger won't let me forget.

As I have mentioned to you, we have been experiencing mighty frigid temperatures in Missouri. Poor T-bone, who lives in our garage, is a sensitive sort. He loves comfort. 65 to 75 degrees is wonderful to him. I'm afraid that Missouri only offers those temps. about a week out of the year. The rest of the time, it's either -0 or 101. No in between. I felt a little sorry for T one day. He was shivering. It was a little like watching a grown man cry. It melted me.

My brain began turning. I could let him in? He is 200 pounds and stinky though. Hummm, what to do?

Alright T, you can come in for a little bit. Then I will put you in the kennel with Jesse (she has heat lamps).

So, I'm in the bathroom showering. Getting ready (putting on my face). I hear a ruckus in the kitchen. A loud, banging, clinking ruckus. Dare I check?........... Jeez, I'm afraid I have to.........

T-bone, what are you doing? He instantly knew his error. His head was hanging two inches off the ground. He had those pouty lips and sad eyes. ARRRRRRRRR!!!!!! He emptied an entire garbage can into the kitchen floor. Icky scraps, used toilet paper, and coffee grounds ALL OVER!!!


So I put on my cold gear (hat, gloves, thick coat, boots, long underwear, another hat, scarf, ski mask, two sweatshirts, heated socks and a blanket). Grabbed a 20 pound bag of food (so the doggies would be well fed) and two cans of wet food (so it would taste better) and headed out the door. Gus slipped out with me (that will be important information in a minute).

T gladly followed me (I was carrying food..... he likes food). I opened the kennel door to let the big guy in.

Then I realized that Gus Bus entered the kennel also. My hands were full..... I couldn't stop him. This is a big deal because Jesse, our female, doesn't exactly LIKE Gus. That's probably being too kind. SHE HATES GUS!!!!!!

Instantly the fight was on. Usually fights are between two parties, but not this one. It was Jesse fighting and Gus whelping!!!!!!! I dropped all the food on the ground and tried to separate the doggies. STUPID.....STUPID.....STUPID!!!!!

I was bit.

There was blood.

Lots of blood.

So much blood that I couldn't tell who was hurt, (me, Jesse or Gus).

I had a strange adrenaline rush so I suddenly acquired these crazy super powers. I was able to lift our 170 pound female with ONE HAND, open the kennel door with the other, and lift our 70 pound Gus out the door. All the while, Jesse was fighting me violently trying to attack the fat bulldog. Don't ask, I have no idea how I did it.

So below are the photos of my finger (or finner as my Aunt P says)

The stitches come out Thursday. YEAH!!!! I'll be so glad. The skin is dry around the wound and it itches like crazy. It's just a huge irritation.

I know that your day wouldn't have been the same without those photos. Huh? Sorry!

My friends, I'm the biggest baby you have ever met. I drove myself to Carrollton (Rick was working in the ER)

OH-OH-OH..... I left out the part where Ian had to help me change clothes. Poor kid. He didn't talk for two hours afterwards.

Anywhoo..... Rick gave me a shot to numb it before he could stitch. I said bad words. In front of my kids!!!!! After I said "the words", I looked up. Ryan was smiling and Ian was appalled! Mommy usually doesn't say the S-word. Mommy said it 15 times in one sitting. Opppss!

Then I started feeling a little woozy. My ears started buzzing. My head was suddenly 50 pounds. I felt the blood leave my head and go to my feet.

NO, I DIDN'T PASS OUT..... but I sure wanted to.

I drove myself home then vegged on the couch for the rest of the day. I ordered people around. I need a drink. I need some grapes. I need a hug. I need, I need, I need.

Then Rick informed me that my legs work fine.

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