January 8, 2010

Domestic wanna-be

There isn't a word for how cold it is outside.

I agree with Congo. I'll stay inside where it's warm and look out the windows.

Being cooped up in the house has caused a bit of boredom for me. There is plenty I "need to do". But "want to do" is a completely different story. This weather makes my eyelids heavy. I want to curl up on the couch. Drink chicken noodle soup from a cup. Then watch movies and nap between them. To fight off the doldrums, I thought I would whip up some bread. Not out of a can or from the frozen section and especially not from a plastic Wonder bag.

I've always wanted to be an expert bread maker. I've tried a couple times....... and failed. Today, I woke up with a brand new attitude. "By Golly......I'm gonna make bread........and it's going to turn out this time"! The act of confessing out loud is mighty...... mighty I tell ya.

I am not a stupid girl. I figured that if I tried two different recipes, one of them should turn out.

I'm raising the odds.

My first recipe is called "friendship bread". This bread requires patience.... work..... and a little love. You stir it twice a day for 5 to 10 days. Basically, till it rots. You then remove a cup of this dough, called "starter". Mix it with the rest of the ingredients, throw er' in the oven, and enjoy. The idea is to give friends, family and likewise starters. That way, they can make their own bread. Isn't that SWEEEETTT?

My second recipe is Grandmother's bread. I made this before and it was wonderful! The monkeys sure devored it!!! Within 3.9 seconds!!!! Click on the link for the recipe. Easy easy peasy.

Who else thinks that yeast is amazing? I think about things like that. Call me crazy!

Congo and I are both so ready for Spring.

Rick...... I think that we settled in the wrong state. MISSOURI? Why-oh-why?

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  1. there is a shortage of dr.s in florida on the golf side, near the beach.