January 2, 2010

The "C" Necklace

Below is a funny conversation I had with Gracie today. All this happened in Target........ as she was showing me a shiny, silver necklace with a letter C hanging from it (the C had faux crystals, in case you were wondering)

Gracie: "Mom, look".

Let me explain before moving on. I don't always answer after the first time my children call me. I hear the word "mom" 1,694 times a day from my children. Sometimes "mom" is said nicely. Sometimes "mom" is said loudly. Mostly, it's said like this....... "mom........mom.....mom....mom....mom..Mom.........MOM!!!! That's when I answer. Often, I would like to change the word that americans use for "mom". For instance, it could be "rumple". (Rumple, could I have a friend over? Rumple, could I have peanut butter and honey?
Ohhh.... who am I kidding? Rumple is terrible. Moving on......

Me: "That's pretty"!

Gracie: "Can I have it"? (Which means, buy this for me.)

Me: "Gracie, it has a C on it, your name starts with a G"

Gracie: "I know mom, it could mean Christian. Cause I'm a Christian" (as she says this, she blinks her long eyelashes, and smiles softly. Very CUTE! Very CUNNING!)

Friends, that is how badly she likes to buy things. She would even settle for a C necklace when her name starts with a G. She has quick wit, I must confess. I couldn't have come up with an answer like that so quickly. Rick and I are in for it in 10 years. Possibly less at this rate.

It's sure hard not to giggle at things like that. Or buy cheap Target necklaces with letter C's on them. I fought off the urge to splurge though....... and bought her a DS stylus instead.
or Which would you want?

Goodness...... I should have bought the "C" necklace, huh?

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