October 2, 2009

Time Flies

Have you ever felt like you have oodles and oodles of time to prepare for something, then suddenly, you have eight days????? Usually for me, I'm wanting to lose weight before a beach vacation. I think (I'll start my diet tomorrow, I have over a month to lose 8 pounds) After three weeks of tomorrows, eight pounds might as well be 80. It's not going to happen. Well that is what's happened to me. Rick's party, as I'm sure you figured out, has me stressed!!!! The months that I've had to prepare myself have dwindled down to eight days. AND I'M FREAKING OUT PEOPLE!!!!!!!

It doesn't help that I'm running myself ragged with 114 of my children's ballgames and practices (slight exaggeration).


Here are a few pictures from Ryan's game last night. I'm not going to even talk about the score.
Some highlights were:

1. My mom came again. (that always makes it more fun for me)
2. I brought blankets
3. Rick was able to help the boy who was hurt and taken by ambulance to the hospital
4. No curse words were said. Well, none that I heard anyway.
5. We are halfway done with the season.

Sound pessimistic? Well, it was that bad.

Oh Holy Smokes, my kid is in that pile!!!!!!


Click on this picture and check out their faces. They all have downcast and heavy faces. Sad! I think Ryan may be praying.

I will catch you up Monday on our weekend events!!!!

I'm sure I'll be popping Paxil by then!!!! I may buy a case of Red Bull while I'm in the city. I have a feeling sleepless nights are in my future.

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