October 23, 2009

The Twilight Zone

Here are a few Monster Mash Tournament pics. I will post more Monday hopefully. I have some funny stories to go along with it.

If I hold my breath, put my finger on the side of my nose, spin in a circle three times, then say "I love you computer, I love you computer, I love you computer". It will work for me!!!!!! It happens to be in a lovely mood right now. So I will get this post up before it decides I'm no longer it's BFF.

Strange things have been happening around the Smith household.

Very strange things!!

First of all, my dear friend, Nancy's broom has been standing up all by itself for three days. She gives me daily reports. (I'm a little worried about her) But I'm sure that this will pass, as do most conditions of this sort. For those of you who do not understand. Maybe, just maybe, you're better off.

Secondly.......two days after our FIVE puppies were born. We found another puppy. I'm certain that it wasn't hiding in the corner of the whelping kennel just to freak us out!!! Our only reasoning is that she gave birth two days later to another puppy. Either that or the puppy stork decided that Jesse needed one more. You decide!!!!!

When I first discovered this, it felt a little like the Twilight Zone! If I recounted them once, I counted 20 times. Some days it may be hard for me to do. But I was capable of counting to six this day. Rick saw $$$$$$$$. ......... I saw another bundle of fur for me to love (and get attached to) .

Except for a little apricot girl who was a little under the weather yesterday, all is well in puppy land!!!!!
Momma of the year
Oh my goodness, I want to kiss those little wrinkles!!!!

Don't you see how my heart would melt over these little angels?

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