October 21, 2009

Puppy love

I NEVER in my wildest dreams thought that I would love these puppies so much!! How in heaven's name, am I going to sell them?

I have told many, many people that Jesse Jane "is not a pet". "She was purchased so we would have puppies". I believe that I have even told you folks that. (Maybe even recently). Well, I feel sheepish because this mommy dog has earned my love and respect. I've spent lots of time with her over the last three days. I must say that her parenting skills are FAR better than some human parents that I know!!!! She counts her babies. I can hear you saying that dogs can't count. Well your wrong, cause this dog can! She is every bit of 170 pounds and has, NOT ONCE, hurt one of those babies. If she licks one, she licks all of them. In my weird, mommy reasoning, I believe she does this so she doesn't show favorites. She nuzzles them and cuddles them and huggles (is that a word?) them. I want to be one of her puppies!!!

I have also found a new love for the Lord through this experience. The fact that this dog knows how to take care of these babies, it blows my mind! How do these babies (who cannot even open their eyes) know how to find food on their momma. I know it sounds trivial but you just need to witness what I'm seeing. It really is amazing. When I had my first child, I instinctually knew that I loved him. However, I didn't know how to take care of him. I knew the basics. He needed food, diaper changes, bathed, ECT. Without the help of some VERY patient people, I would have been far less effective as a mom. This doggy is doing it without any help. That amazes me!

I wish that I could upload pictures of these doll babies. If I could market a doll that looked, moved and sounded like these puppies, I'd be a rich lady.

OK, enough puppy talk! Let's talk about my own babies!! I do that best anyway.

Ryan's football team pulled off another big win to end the season. YEAH! He informed me that they were the only Chillicothe team, this year, to pull off a win against Savannah.

Ryan was also one of three students in 8th grade to be chosen as a mentor for 6th and 7h graders. This means he will be taking two extra field trips this year. Great incentive. He will also do occasional things in the school for underclassmen. It is an honor for him because he had to be nominated by a teacher. I'm beaming, if you can't tell. I hope to tell you more about it later

Ian is super-de-duper pumped because he found out yesterday that he gets to go to Worlds of Fun Saturday with a friend.

Gracie is super-de-duper pumped because she has worn her sparkly shoes to school three days in a row.

Well I better cut this one off before I wear the buttons off my blackberry. I'm off to cook at church.

That's all folks!
(I apologize in advance for any typos. My phone doesn't have spell check like the mac does). The posts this week are un-censored. Hehe)

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