October 5, 2009

Weekend of Ball and Spooks

UPDATE: I won't be able to upload any pictures this week.

The ole' computer is running a little slow today. I'm sure it's overloaded, just like the rest of us. We had terrible winds here last week. I'm hoping that the satellite wasn't moved any. I guess a phone call or two is in order.

That isn't the only thing not working around here. Our heater decided to take an extended summer vacation. Our friend from Foster's is on his way as he speak. Maybe he can rouse the beast from slumber.

It was an eventful weekend. I'm not sure I have the time to share every last detail. I will give you the short version. Friday night Ian had two friends spend the night. Brett Clark and Lane Bonderer. They are all on the same football team. They have also went to school together, since primary pre-school. Good buddies!!!!!

Saturday morning, Sara Stafford took Ryan to the city for baseball practice. I went to Ian's game (which they lost). Ohhhh, I cannot abbreviate this. Please, I beg for your patience. Rick's co-coach is Dave Melina. A super nice man with a super sweet kid. Did I mention that Dave is a pastor? Well he is. Most pastors are sweet, right? A few things were happening on the field that were questionable. Mainly from the opposing team. Boys that were over weight limits were running the ball. Oh, a gazillion things. Rick and Dave both complained to the refs very politely. They disregarded their requests and the game resumed. Dave was getting furious because he was afraid our boys were going to be hurt. So, he again had a civil discussion with the refs and the program director. When the program director again "blew him off". Dave became outraged. He didn't curse or point or get in anyone's face. However, he STRONGLY disagreed!!!!! The program director dismissed Dave permanently. He can no longer coach with Rick. As a pastor, this was embarrassing to him. He apologized to the team first, then to the crowd. Emotions were running high during the remainder of the game and afterwards. I also refuse to take sides. I understand each position.

Moving on......... After the game, Ian and I headed to Pam and Mike's house. Gracie went to Grandma and Grandpa's and Rick spent the rest of the weekend in the ER.

We bundled up and headed to World's of Fun for their annual Spook Fest. The decor was amazing!!!! Fog machines, skeletons, pumpkins, gourds, spiders the size of large men, you name it, it was there. They had haunted houses, strobe lights. Strange people in costumes. (the men in pig costume got to Ian. That was the limit for him. Especially when they grunted.) Oh my goodness!!! I loved it. Then you add in Cyclone Sam and the Mamba and you have one thrilling night. We started freezing to death about 12:00. So we headed out to IHOP for a late night breakfast. I want to make this a yearly tradition. LOVED IT!!!! We hit the sack around 2:00 am at Pam and Mike's and woke up at a shocking 11:00 am. I haven't slept that long since........hummm.......high school? Wow!!!

Then at 4:00 p.m., we went to Ryan's Northland Yankee's game and dominated them. The first game was 20 something to 3. The second game 12 to 1. Ryan pitched the second game and did amazing. He also hit a in-the-park home run. LOVE IT!!!! He had at least 5 R.B.I.'s and scored three times. He hit two pop-flys straight to fielders. Those were his only mistakes of the game. Very impressive.

I am going to hit the road though. Much to do today. Ryan forgot his football pants for the thousandth time. So, I get to run those to him this morning. I am also STILL preparing for the party that I'm sure ya' all are tired of hearing about.

Signing off my friends.........

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