October 13, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

See my baby.......
Good news. Rick's co-coach, Dave, was re-instated by the YMCA as a tackle football coach. The program director and the "head honcho" didn't agree on the call. They called Dave in. Apologized. Asked him to return. And what do you know...... he did!!!! Boy-o-boy are we glad of it. Mostly because he is a super nice man (man of God, that is). Also, because he was right. But that's another soap box that I won't step on.

My head was reeling Saturday with all the things I needed to do to prepare for that night. But I couldn't miss my middle monkey's game. This is his "thing". I would have been mighty upset with myself had I missed because it was FABULOUS!!!!. Our team beat the only undefeated team in the league. My boy tackled, sacked the QB, and zoomed all over that field. I was smiling from ear to ear. The other team had kiddos on it that I've known since forever. I adore them, but this coach is a real "peach" (wink...wink) and it was a sweet victory!!!!
I gave Rick his birthday gift Friday night. I was a little afraid that someone would slip at the party. I've been tight-lipped for weeks. (and so had the monkeys, shockingly!) I didn't want the surprise to be ruined.

Gift giving is so stinkin' fun! Don't ya think? My heart-rate usually goes up a notch or two. Especially when I'm proud of what I got them.

I was proud of Rick's gift. Mostly because I have absolutely NO interest in guns. I don't know the difference between a rifle and a shotgun. I don't know brands, colors, or which ones make your butt look big. I just know that when I see a gun, I usually know it's a gun. Although I have been fooled by WATER guns before ( and maybe a cap gun once or twice). What I do know is that my man loves guns!!! He says, "You can hardly go wrong with guns." I guess they are sort-of like diamonds for women? You can never have to many. So, I plan on making a deal with my honey buns. I give him guns, he gives me white rocks. Fair?
Here are some more pictures of my house all spooked up. It's hard to see the purple lights in the picture. They add a little "hauntiness" (is that a word?) to my mantle.
I bought this large clear bottle at an antique store for a $1.50. I rinsed it out. Stuck this sticker on the front. Then told my children that it was real "truth serum". He he, just kidding.

This young man spooks me out. He and two other freaks are dangling from my deck. Dare ya to break into my house Freddie Kruger!!!! T-bone certainly isn't going to stop you, but these crazy dudes will.

I'm off to be a taxi mom again. T.T.F.N. (ta ta for now)

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