October 9, 2009


Today I said goodbye to an old friend. My burb (a.k.a. Suburban). It has hauled me, my kiddos, my hubby, Gus, and T-bone and Jesse Jane everywhere.

Before I go on, I must add that Jesse Jane is our girl English Mastiff that I never talk about. We purchased her so T-bone could have baby English Mastiffs. The last two times that she, oh how should I say this, "WANTED" to have puppies???? I hauled T-bone and Jesse in the burb together.

1. Why would I put a female dog (who "wanted" to have puppies) in a vehicle with a boy dog (who "wanted" to have puppies?

2. Little embarrassing when I pulled up beside someone at the stoplight.

3. Didn't matter though because after 20 minutes, the windows were all fogged up.

4. I washed the back seats very well. VERY, VERY, VERY WELL!!!!!!

Needless to say, our burb has been many places with us. It has taken us to Colorado for our last year family vacation. Little Gracie graduated from the booster seat in it. I have picked up my sick monkeys from school, taken them to orthodontist appointments, track meets, baseball practice, guitar practice, and gymnastics. Whew, I am in my vehicle lots. Too much maybe.

I had a moment when I was backing her out of the garage for the last time. I looked at the stains in the carpet from drive-thrus, a scratch in the passenger seat from Gussy Poo, the bubblegum stuck to the floor mat (no one will admit to this). I've backed into garage doors, ran into a concrete ditch, dinged the doors, hit a million curbs, and spilled many french fries in the ole' girl.

So, it's a little bittersweet for me. I will miss her.

And now........ I have new-car-itis. Never heard of this? It is very common disease with new car owners. A few of the many side affects are....


2. No food or drink (how long do you think this will last?)

3. Drive slowly down gravel roads to prevent getting car dirty or rock chipped!!!!

4. Please admire me while I am driving down Washington Street.
She's even more beautiful in person.......

The interior
This is my navigation screen. When you turn on the car, it greets you. Notice the "good afternoon". You may have to double click on the picture to see it.
This is the nav screen after it told me hi and we had a nice conversation about the weather and politics. You know, normal things you discuss with you car. I have a feeling that her and I are going to have a wonderful friendship.
This is what pops up when you put it in reverse. I sure hope that this prevents any more garage door mishaps. My monkeys have discovered that when you stand behind the Navigator while it is in reverse, they are on the screen. So guess what we have done a hundred times today.
This is where the monkeys will sit. They have bun warmers in the second row also. SWEET!!!
No carpet stains from their gatorades
Or dents from backing into the CLOSED garage door
Or flat tires from too many curbs
No door dings
I've yet to run into a curb or scuff the undercarriage on a concrete parking block
No scratches from Gus' claws, or dog hair from him being in my front seat
However, the Navigator was in the driveway two minutes before T-bone tinkled all over the tires. I guess that was his way of helping me get over my illness. Thank you T-bone for caring so much.

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