October 29, 2009

gloomy days

It is gloomy, gloomy out. I'm talkin', the kinda day you need the lights on. When I took the kids to the bus this morning, the heavens were cracking!!! It just seemed that way. We saw one mighty fine lighting storm. It's ironic because Rick and I watched "Storm Chasers" last night and it sort of made me miss our Spring thunderstorms.

I'm trying to keep myself motivated today. {Gloomy days are glorious sleeping and reading days}. I just can't though. I must keep pluggin' on.

Our family has plans to carve pumpkins this evening. Last year we did it OUTSIDE on the sidewalk. But since it's rainy and wet, I'm sure that it's going to be moved indoors. Oh....the mess!!! Already dreading it.

Speaking of mess, I created one in the kitchen this morning. I found a super recipe for Pumpkin Play dough on a blog (click on it) the other day. I have been itching to try it. Why not? Here is what I came up with.
I am going to give you the recipe. I want you to remember though........ I added ingredients here and there. It was originally a little sticky. So I added a little more flour and salt. You may have to play with it some. We all know what Play-doh feels like. Well, that's the consistency you want. Not too hard, not too soft.
To make these pumpkins I formed little Play dough balls. I used a tooth-pick to make lines in the sides. Then I cut leaves from our mums. Picked up a few pieces of mulch from the garden. Then placed them in the top. Super easy peasy!!!!

Pumpkin' Play dough

1 3/4 cups of flour
1/2 cups of salt
2 tsp. cream of tartar (what is cream of tartar exactly....just wondering?)
2 Tbs oil
2 Tbs pumpkin pie spice
1 cup water (warm is best)
orange food coloring (I used Wilton paste but any will work)

Mix all ingredients together. If it's sticky, add small amounts of salt and flour until it's the right consistency. If it's too hard.....I don't know. That didn't happen to me. Maybe try more water and oil? Beats me.

I put the Play dough in zip-lock bags so it wouldn't dry out.

You may be getting tired of these puppy pictures, but I cannot help myself. The vet said that their eyes should open this week.
I call this one Boo-Boo. Rick thinks that's a crazy name. It just came to me though. To me, he is Boo-Boo. You can call him whatever you want.
This reminds me of when Gracie was a newborn. She would fuss in her car seat. I couldn't reach her, nor should I have, since I was driving. I was also nursing, so a bottle was out of the question. Instead, Ryan would pop his finger in her mouth. As I'm thinking of this now, I'm wondering, were his fingers clean? It didn't matter then. I was in survival mode. The finger worked so the finger it was. Ryan, you're a good big brother.

And Jesse, you're a good mother.
Yes you!!!!
The pups always look so content after their meals. Ahhhh, full bellies, warm kennel mates, life is good.
Real good.

I love these critters!!!!

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