September 25, 2009

September 25th

Our middle school hornets had another disappointing loss yesterday, despite a well played first half.

It was a better game than last week. If you have to find a positive?

My mom came to the game. That was special to Ryan and I. I was glad to have her there, and so was he.

#83 is Ryan.
He found out this week that the moms could wear their opposite jerseys. They wear white for away and black for home. So, he asked three or four times if I would wear his other jersey. Of course, I will!!!!!!! I didn't realize how excited he was about that until I went into my bathroom yesterday morning and there, on my counter, was his jersey. The kid cannot remember his homework, his cell-phone, or his football cleats, but he wanted me to wear his jersey so much, he brought it down for me. Without me asking him (might I add) Let me tell ya, that tugged at my heart!!! It almost makes me want to tear up thinking about it.

This Wednesday I cooked in the church kitchen, as I always do. We made hundreds of cookies. Not two or even three hundred. Probably not even four. Five or six hundred would be more like it. I gladly avoided making the Neiman Marcus cookie. It had to be Freddy Kruger's recipe. It takes a hour to add all the ingredients. (you have to grind the oatmeal in the food processor). NOOOOO cookie is worth that much trouble. Stop arguing with me!!!!! I'm right and that is that.
Alicia (the best cookie maker ever)

Now I'm hungry. I WANT COOKIES!!!!! Alicia......will you whip me up a batch?

Moving on........

When we built our house, we wanted an European shower. You know, the big kind. Without doors. Lots of knobs and such. I wanted a rain shower head but some fool kept stealing them during construction. After a few shower heads we decided that enough was enough!!!! It wasn't meant to be. Sometimes while showering, I have a good cry over it. I miss all the showers that could have been.

Wow, that was a rabbit trail!!!!! I was going to tell you how the dog showers with us. You see, not having a door on our shower was probably not a smart move. This dog would suck a pond dry and still be thirsty. Rick would vouch for me on this. I've never seen a dog love water so much. He doesn't care that the water he is licking is the water I used to wash my body. Soap, dirt and all. As if he didn't get enough water during the shower, he then tries to lick the water off my legs when I'm done. Dumb dawg!!!!!

I was going to write about how weird our dog was under this picture. However, I'm the one standing nude in the shower with a camera. So, maybe it's not the dog who is weird. Maybe it's the dog's adoptive mother. Who would be, (uuuhhh-hemmm) me.

This is the look that he gives me when I pray he really isn't human. It creeps me out. I feel like there needs to be background music. Bow-chick-a-wow-wow. (did I just write that? Oh, heavens me, I think I did?)

He must not be too impressed because the water won out.

F.Y.I. Today is Carter and Cameron's birthday!!!! They are the big 1-4!!! Happy birthday boyz!!!!
Today is also Chillicothe Homecoming. Exciting!!!!!!!!

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