September 9, 2009

I fibbed.......

I forgot yesterday when I promised to post lots of Halloween pictures of my house, that I would be cooking all day in the church kitchen. OOOPPSSS!!
This is a teaser for you. My house looks much spookier than two days ago. I still have more to do. I am scaling back some, however. I'm not going to decorate the basement. I just have so much on my plate right now. That is something easy that I can eliminate. I'm chomping at the bit to buy mums. I love their colors. Fall is official when they are on my front porch.

This is again, one of the skulls I glittered. He sits in the kitchen. I plan on draping a fake snake around the top. Maybe a few cobwebs, we'll see.

These cuties hang out at the top of my range hood. You will have to click on them to see their cute expressions. I put a mouse at their feet to set the scene.
This is a favorite decoration of mine. He is so stinkin' cute. When you take his mask off, he's bald as a cue ball. I might take a snapshot of him like that, just to show you. Note the eyeballs and severed fingers in the stand behind him. EEEEEWWW!

Awww. Nothing scary about this fella. He's just lovable and hugable.

OK guys, tomorrow, I promise, more pics.
Off to cook.

BAM, BAMMM (as Emeril would say)

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