September 16, 2009

Chillicothe vs. Smithville

Ryan has been in one sport or another since he started crawling. He loves being involved and active. So, I rarely get nervous before an event. Only because we have done it a million times!!

However, I have been nervous before his last two games. First, his baseball game last Sunday. Then last night, at his first ever middle school football game. My stomach was turning circles and my palms were sweaty. I prayed for the team and specifically for the "special" boys who I love so much. I prayed for their safety and good sportsmanship. I didn't pray for a win!!! However bad I wanted too. It was on the very tip-top of my tongue. I knew that the LORD would disapprove (as He should). So I thought it, but didn't say it.

I am not overly competitve. I usually don't mind if our team doesn't win as long as they show effort. Lordy-me........this game was UGLY!!! The final score was 39-0. I'm not sure that reflects the severity of it.

Maybe next time??

Maybe next time I'll give the team Red Bull's before the game?

Rick is the team doctor. He will stand on the sidelines during games to make sure all is well. You cannot know how comforting to me it is to know that he is there. In this picture he is standing beside Ryan. (my heart is melting)

Ryan is #83. I can usually pick him out of the crowd by watching him walk. The other boys all look the same to me when their back is turned. I'm going to have to memorize numbers.
I forgot my zoom lens last night. Hopefully I remember it next week when we travel to Cameron, MO.

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