September 5, 2009

An easy homemade gift

Last week a friend and fellow "Church Kitchen Gal", had a birthday. We celebrated at the Boji Stone with the rest of our friends. The dessert she is holding was created in the mind of Alicia Early. It's a scoop of every homemade ice cream that the Boji Stone offers. Crushed waffle cone on the bottom. Whipped cream on the top. Sprinkled with crushed Heath bars. Does it get any better than that? Really!!!! No. We ate every last scoop of it. Every last stinking bite!!! I didn't regret a single spoonful. So for Terri's birthday, I made her gift. I thought I might show you how I did it. I won't tell if you craft-lift it. Promise!!!
You will need an ordinary Post-It note pad. I got this one at Dollar General. Most stores carry them. I'm not going to fiddle with dimensions because every pad is going to be different. You need to measure your pad and cut the chip board and paper accordingly.
This is chipboard. You can purchase it in most craft stores. If you ask nicely and smile really big, they may GIVE it to you. I have been known to walk out of Archivers with a stack of it. Just because I asked for it.
Measure your Post-It pad. Mine was 4 x 6". So I needed to cut my chipboard slightly bigger than 6" tall and 8" wide. Get it? I scored twice in the center. I believe that they were 1/4" apart. That will be my binding.
I adhered two pieces of ribbon on both sides. When the project is complete, I will be able to tie it shut with a pretty bow. You don't need to worry about neatness with this. The inside covers will be covered.
Once side covered.......
Now the other.
Then you need to put adhesive on the back of the Post-It notepad and place it on the back cover.
Flip the book over and make a coordinating binding, then adhere it.
Now the fun starts. Glue the paper to the back side of the project. I stamped a "made just for you" on it. Just for a little homemade touch.
I made chipboard butterflies with my big shot and a butterfly die. It is sold exclusively through Stampin' Up.

This is the cover of my finished project.

You could make these for teachers, favors at parties, or friends.

An extra tip is that you don't always have to use plain chip board. Since you are covering this up completely with paper, you could recycle cereal boxes. You may find that it is easier to work with as it isn't quite so thick. Just a FYI!!

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