September 11, 2009


I'll always remember 9/11.........

I was near hippo proportions while FULLY pregnant with Gracie. I was dragging from walking in circles throughout the night, due to piercing leg cramps.

I answered a phone call from my friend Anna Marie. She asked if I was watching the news. I hadn't been. I turned it on and watched and watched and watched........and watched. Anna came and got Ryan to take him to preschool for me. I was supposed to sleep while he was gone. I couldn't peel my eyes off the TV. I saw the 2nd tower fall and at the same time, my heart fell also. I witnessed, live, the murder of 1000's of people. At first, I was thinking. Holy cow, the building. Then I finally grasped the lives inside. (sigh)

I prayed that God wouldn't let me have Gracie that day. As bad as I wanted to have her.....not that day! I didn't want her to have to tell people that her birthday was September 11th 2001. I pray that today, God gives peace to those who suffered that day. Whether they suffered from being there, or injured, or lost someone they love. I pray for them. I pray that for every person that has suffered, another person has turned their lives to the LORD. Only so this wasn't in vain.

On to a happier note.....Gracie's teeth pulling was successful! That lil' girl is amazing. She hardly flinched. They gave her the molds for her teeth and of course, the teeth they pulled. We needed them for the tooth fairy. I did take pictures with my cell phone before the procedure. People......I couldn't watch!!! I nearly passed out thinking about them pulling those teeth. Eggghh! It just gives me the whillies. It sends goosebumps up and down my body and makes me want to throw up. SERIOUSLY!!!

So....I am taking pictures of her pulled teeth (which are oh-so-cute) and the molds that they gave us (which are oh-so-gross). I am also taking a picture of the $20.00 that the tooth fairy left last night. Before I hear any moans and groans on the price of these teeth. SHE DESERVED $20.00!!!! Every last stinking bit of it. Actually, if it had been me getting the teeth pulled. I would have expected the tooth fairy to bring me a Coach purse.

Tonight is the beginning of her birthday celebration. The birthday isn't official until Monday. But, who wants a party on a Monday? She is having her favorite friend Maggie spend the night after the Hornet's game. Then tomorrow, Rick will take them to Pershing Days in Laclede, MO while I take Ryan to baseball practice in Liberty. Sunday, after church, we will head to the city for lunch of her choice. Then lastly, Monday, we will have a party in her classroom and her presents that evening. (she is holding out for a new bicycle;)

This is what it looks like outside my front door this morning. Foggy and a little dreary.

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