September 1, 2009

September Mornings

We dance until the night became a brand new day.
Two lovers playing scenes from some romantic play
September mornings still can make me feel this way.
Just a little goofiness to start your day.

I had a FAB day. Except that my Aunt P. had to go home :(. She and Nater Tater came up yesterday and we had fun beyond words.

1. We did a little 4 wheeler riding through Rocky Ridge Farm. (we call it Rocky Ridge Farm because all this land will grow is ROCKS!!!!) Rocks and weeds, I tell ya!!! Why didn't anyone tell us this before we bought 40+ acres of it!!
2. We glued and glittered!
3. We had a wonderful dinner with Ma and Pa. (grilled hamburgers and the works)
4. Then finished the night off with a bon-fire and smores.
Doesn't get much better than that!

Nate (who is five years old and cuter than a button) shouted at Gus to "quit licking his balls". That was a shocker!!! Grandpa thought that he misheard him, so he asked Nate to repeat it. Yup, that's what he said! We all had a big belly laugh over it! Then laughed again when we re-told it later.

We also got a laugh out of Gracie who pushed her bike up and down the driveway because she was grounded for two days from riding it. Clever, sis, very clever!!!

Today was exciting because Rick and I got our new mattress. It was delivered this afternoon and I am looking forward to a pleasant trip to dream-land tonight. Ahhhh...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (those are the sounds I will make when I crawl in it tonight) Oh, I forgot.... smooch, smooch!!! Can't forget to kiss the hubby!!
We bought new bedding but haven't found a "just right" duvet cover. Let me rephrase this. We aren't agreeing on a "just right" duvet cover. Wanna see what I want? Click here. I think it would look spectacular with the green walls and the green pillow in the center. If you agree with me, and I know you do, call this number and leave a comment. 660-646-3224. I will pass the message along to the hubby. By the way, if you call and say you don't like it, I will delete the message. hehe

These are the books sitting on my bedside table. I am reading "The Sea of Monsters" next. Rick and I do the "Devotions for Couples" occasionally. Usually they are great conversation starters. "Coraline", hummm, not sure. I thought that the movie looked like it would be WONDERFUL. I rented it and.......not so much. Actually, it was a bit creepy. So, I may be trading that book out for another soon.

Congo is already enjoying the new squishiness of the new bed. Purrrrr-purrrrr.

Ian also got his mattress today. Thank goodness! The boy was driving me crazzzzzy asking every day, "Did they call about my mattress.", "Do you know when it will be here?", " I can't wait till I get my new mattress." You get the idea. The boy is relentless. (he gets that from his father)

I thought I would close with my top 5 reasons I love Fall:
  1. I don't have to shave my legs as often. (that isn't sarcasm either)
  2. Big sweatshirts cover up excess pounds
  3. Halloween!!!! My 2nd favorite day of the year!
  4. No more bugs on the windshield
  5. Pumpkin pie (the reason I need the sweatshirts)

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