September 27, 2009

Homecoming for the Hornets

Daniel Riekena jammin' to "Hey Jude" during half time. Have you ever seen a electric guitar in a marching band? Well.......I love it!!!!!!!!
Some of our VERY TALENTED coaching staff!!
Coach Willard. Putting his battle gear on. Or headphones as others might call it.
Our Hornets
I can almost hear the music playing overhead. The excitement of the crowd. The announcer calling our Hornets names.
Even our city water tower sports a Hornet

I love that I've always been a Hornet. Now, before you ask, I haven't always lived in Chillicothe! I grew up in Hamilton, MO and we were the Hamilton Hornets. Soooo, I've concluded that I must never live in a town where the school mascot isn't a Hornet. (are there any Hornets in Florida? Oh, I hope so!!!!)

I've never seen a town go so wild over football as Chillicothe. We have more Hornet memorabilia than the MU Tigers, KC Chiefs, and the KC Royals put together! Everything from jewelry, hoodies, t's, socks, blankets, and stadium seats. The list goes on and on and on........

I'm not complaining. I love getting pumped up before a big game. Sitting in the seats with all my friends, family, and fellow Chillicothe-ians to root on our home team.

During the games, Ryan and Ian sit with friends. I usually don't see them until the end of the 4th quarter.

Gracie wanted to paint her face this year. I thought the freckles were cute. We stamped skulls on the cheeks and fists. Then wrote the words Pain.....Gang.

I love this picture. Isn't she precious?

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