September 18, 2009

In a rush!!!

I feel guilty when I don't have time to write one day. I've been super crazy busy this week. It just gets like that sometimes.

I didn't take ANY pictures yesterday. Surprised???? Me too!!! I went from one thing to another. It just didn't happen. So, today, I am posting pics that were already stored in the good ole' Mac.

Rick will be disappointed that I didn't put the "big" buck on here. But I thought this one was neat.
Let me explain..... As I have mentioned in previous posts, Rick has trail cameras set up on our hunting ground that snaps pics when something crosses it's laser. Cool, huh? This is a night picture. The day pics. are clear as a whistle.
I thought you might enjoy this, but, maybe not. Just in case I'm posting a pic of a rose that I took. I wish that you could have seen the rest of this bush. It is pathetic. No leaves. Well, maybe one. But it's black and yellow. It stands about 18" high. Surrounded by weeds!!!! Yet it produced this gorgeous rose. Hummm, interesting?

You guys, I am in a rush. I have to be out of the door in less than 45 minutes. I'm still in my PJ's. Oh my!!!!! So, I will talk to ya soon.

Tomorrow is Ian's first tackle football game. Daddy is the coach. CAN'T WAIT!!!!

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