September 2, 2009

Turtle crazy

I have a strange fascination with turtles. I believe that it began in childhood. Since I was raised on a farm. (not a pretend farm like I live on now. A REAL farm..... with chickens, cows, sheep, and pigs (and a pet coon, squirrel, rabbit, skunk, ect. . My dad reads this blog and I know that he is laughing right now. Because I'm NOT lying people!!!!!!
We had a pond next to the house that we would fish in during the summer. We used bamboo poles and hot dogs for bait. Sometimes we wouldn't put any bait on the hook and they still bit. One day, we caught a snapping turtle. We named him, as any country girl would, Big Bad John. He was GIGANTIC! I'm positive that he weighed 60 pounds. He was slimy with spikes on his back and the biggest bug eyes you have ever seen. Dad shot him (this is a good thing). It was a good thing because those beasts would hide in the water, grab our baby ducks feet and yank them underwater. Vile creatures!
Once I found one while walking home from the bus stop. I was feeling brave and I stuck a piece of paper from my backpack near his mouth. He nearly chomped my arm off. It startled me the first time, but I did it again, and again and again. I was a weird child.
Anywhoo, that started my attraction to turtles. As an adult, I prefer the friendlier type. Box turtles, water turtles, and sea turtles. My family has caught on to this and have now started a mini collection for me..........The above picture was my first fake turtle. It is a rock with a turtle sticker on the top. My Aunt Pam made it for me along with a little box house for it to stay in. He stays on my bookshelves and I think happy thoughts when I see him.
Grandpa Bob and Grandma Charlotte have also caught on and bought a turtle for me to enjoy outside.
Pam and Mike bought this one for me in Florida. It is made of shells. He makes me laugh and I wuv him:)
A family of three turtles bought by ma and pa.

When the kids were little, I would watch Franklin with them. I can still hear him saying, "Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes." Google Franklin the turtle. He is a cute turtle with good manners and lovely parents.

I couldn't write a post about turtles and not mention Crush. The surfer turtle from "Finding Nemo". He say's stuff like this.....

Crush: Now give me some fin (slap) nogin! (bonk) duuuude ohh intro! Jellyman, offspring, offspring, Jellyman.

Squirt: JELLY!!!! Sweet

Crush: Totally!!

Now you all know the truth, I'm a freak. Freak-o, Freak-a-zoid!!!! And I {heart} turtles.

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