February 26, 2009


This is a random picture today.  Not sure why I haven't posted it before.  Rick, I and the kids were going home after seeing the flood waters last fall.  When we were passing over the Grand River, we noticed two gigantic bucks (it's hard to tell in this picture how big they are) swimming to find high ground.  It was amazing.  Luckily, I had my camera.  Unluckily, I had it set on lower megapixels for ebay-ing.  If it had been the full 12.2 megapixels, I could have blown this up and it would have been amazing.  I will probably never witness anything like this again.  They swam for at least a mile before they found ground.  

In my opinion...there are two types of people in this world.

 TYPE #1:  Those who vomit effortlessly.  It happens like a hiccup, burp, or sneeze.  Not a pleasant experience but something that just "happens" occasionally.

TYPE #2:  Those who have vial convulsions.  Wretching until they puke everything down to their toenails.  Often, horrible noises will accompany this action.  (sounds like screaming, shouting, or a car without a muffler)

I happen to be type #1.  My husbands happens to be type #2.  Enough said about that, huh?

So.  Cooked again in the church kitchen yesterday.  Fun, as always!!  I am supposed to mention Terri Willard on here.  She is so fun to tease.  I love you Mrs. Willard.  If Alicia is my kitchen mommy, you are my kitchen "sista".  My sista from another mother.  Oh.....that doesn't rhyme like brother, does it?  Anyway.  You guys make my Wednesday pleasurable.  I truly look forward to it.

Last night, Nancy and I took our small girls group to the Ash Wednesday service.  I was very moved and have made a promise to God because of it.  I vow to grow closer to God during this Lent.  I understand that I have an open invitation to Him.  However, I often don't have one for Him.  This has to change!!!!  I know better than to block Him out.   My promise is between Him and I.  I haven't even shared it with Rick.  So expect some huge spiritual growth in me soon!!!  

Well, I am feeling energized after a great night sleep.  I'm going to hit the floor running today.  It is 7:30 and I've already stripped the beds.  


P.S.  Still can't post Dad's card.  I had my days mixed up.  His cake cutting isn't until tomorrow.  Whoops, my bad.  So tomorrow, I promise!!!  Tomorrow evening.  

Later guys. 

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